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During this COVID-19 pandemic, we are taking the following steps to protect our patients and staff.

1. if you have temp 100.4 or higher, cough, difficulty breathing/shortness of breath, contact with laboratory confirmed COVID-19 patient within past 14 days STOP!  DO NOT ENTER OUR OFFICE. Please call us at 405 949 6420 so Dr. Harris can discuss with you how to proceed with your care and possible testing

2. if you have none of the symptoms above, we are ready to see you in the office. However, please help us maintain the CDC recommended social distancing by not bringing anyone to the office under age 18 (this includes newborn babies) unless they are being seen as a patient. Please come alone to your appointment. If you require one person to come with you as translator or helper, we will allow that. If you need someone to drive you, they can wait in your car. 

3. We only allow 4 persons at a time in our waiting room so when you arrive, you may be taken immediately to an exam room to wait for your appointment or you may be asked to wait in your car. If you wish to wait in our parking lot in your car until we are ready to place you in an exam room, please notify us at 949 6420 when you have arrived for your appointment .

4. if you would like to have a telemedicine consultation via a secure site, we can accommodate that request. Just call the office so we can schedule that with you. Some insurances are waiving copayments for this so check with your insurance company if you have coverage questions. We will bill your telemedicine visit to your insurance. 


We have removed all magazines, pamphlets and reading materials from our patient areas so that patients do not have to worry about getting the virus from those surfaces. if you need health/medication information pamphlets,  we will provide them as requested so you can take them home for reference. 

We are scheduling patients further apart to allow more time for the extensive cleaning of each exam room between appointments. 

We may have changes in office hours or other adjustments during this crisis. Dr. Harris and her staff are committed to helping you with your health care needs. Please call us with any questions or concerns you have . Remember outside of regular office hours, in case of TRUE EMERGENCY, you may reach Dr. Harris by calling her answering service at 405- 513-6860

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